In the modern environment of functional safety and ISO 26262, vendors increasingly advertise their components as “ASIL Capable.”  With no other information this statement has no weight.  Any hardware part or software component can used in any system to any ASIL requirement.  A resistor, microcontroller, bytes of executable code – anything can be incorporated into a design so long as the total design provides the necessary protection from systematic and random failures – and has the evidence to support those claims.

As a concrete example, an “ASIL D capable” electronic control module cannot indicate that module satisfies any arbitrary ASIL D safety requirement.  The microcontroller itself, the circuitry connected to the microcontroller, the processes used to develop software, and even the environment in which the controller is used will all impact the highest ASIL which can be achieved by the controller.

To determine if an “ASIL Capable” controller will satisfy the ASIL requirements for your system, you will need to have access to: