The combination of Dana’s engineering consulting team and our OpenECU™ rapid controls prototyping platform has positioned us to support a broad range of production and prototype vehicle control systems programs.  The same OpenECU module used for your model based rapid controls system development can also be used for demonstration fleets and low to intermediate volume production. Dana has the experience and process discipline to execute safety critical production hardware and software programs and the flexibility to "do what it takes"? for rapid controls prototyping. Many customers engage with Dana for our production ready customizable OpenECU platform but become long-term customers as they experience working with our engineering team. A growing portion of Dana’s business is to deliver fully custom electronic hardware designs to meet specific customer performance, cost, reliability and packaging requirements.

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Rapid OEM Engine ECU Replacement with Dana’s M670 OpenECU™

Traditionally, replacing an OEM engine ECU or Engine Control Module (ECM) has almost always been out of the question. OEMs exercise proprietary rights to the hardware and software design used for engine control.

In-Cylinder Pressure with FPGA configured M670 for Aramco Services Company

Challenge One of the major technologies to advance reduced carbon emissions is gasoline compression ignition (GCI) which has the potential to provide 50% thermal efficiency. GCI requires tight control of […]

Design of Custom Electric Park Brake (EPB) Solution

An OEM developing Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) identified the need for a new Electric Park Brake (EPB) solution for its next generation of production vehicles. Dana was selected to deliver an EPB ECU solution leveraging OpenECU platform.

Interface EVSE with Combined Charging System (CCS) using OpenECU™ M560 or M580

Electric vehicles (EVs), such as battery electric vehicles or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, are expected to take over a major part of the transportation sector. As a result, the demand for Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE), also known as Charging Stations, is growing.

Customizing M670 & OpenECU™ platform SW to replicate UEGO functionality

A Dana customer was using an ECU for engine control and a separate stand-alone UEGO interface ECU but wanted to migrate to the integrated solution offered by Pi’s M670 ECU. 

M110 used as gateway module to convert LHD to RHD vehicle

Due to multiple customer requests, Dana developed the M110 OpenECU to satisfy the need for a module with 2 CAN channels which can be linked together to provide a 4 channel gateway.

M670 for Engine start-stop system and Component Development

To meet the increasingly stringent regulations on passenger vehicle fuel economy and emissions, automotive OEMs are frequently turning to mild hybrid technologies.

Production fault diagnostics in an M560 used as a hybrid electric vehicle powertrain control module

A customer using Dana’s OpenECU platform software and M560 ECU as the hybrid control unit (HCU) for their specialty application, also wantedDanato develop the supervisory control strategy.

Providing a new production EV supervisory controller with a customized M560

For a customer doing small production runs across several years, a fully populated off the shelf OpenECU wasn’t the most cost effective or efficient solution.