The combination of Dana’s engineering consulting team and our OpenECU™ rapid controls prototyping platform has positioned us to support a broad range of production and prototype vehicle control systems programs.  The same OpenECU module used for your model based rapid controls system development can also be used for demonstration fleets and low to intermediate volume production. Dana has the experience and process discipline to execute safety critical production hardware and software programs and the flexibility to "do what it takes"? for rapid controls prototyping. Many customers engage with Dana for our production ready customizable OpenECU platform but become long-term customers as they experience working with our engineering team. A growing portion of Dana’s business is to deliver fully custom electronic hardware designs to meet specific customer performance, cost, reliability and packaging requirements.

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Production Software Development for Climate Control Switch-pack / Human Machine Interface

Dana developed the software for the climate control switch pack of a Tier 1 supplier. The software has been used on five different vehicles with various model year upgrades on each vehicle.

Production ECU Replaces Existing Bosch ECU for VW Citi-Golf Engine Control

Pi designed, developed and implemented a gasoline engine ECU and full control software to meet the first South African emission regulations.

OpenECU™ Gasoline Engine Control Strategies Replace Production Bosch EMS

A combination of Dana’s OpenECU engine controller, Gasoline Engine Control Strategies, and Pi’s systems and controls engineering teams provided support for a MIRA demonstrator vehicle.

Custom Injector Drive Module for Propane Autogas Injectors

Starting with an existing M220 OpenECU, a customized variant (M221) was created to drive up to 10 injectors in addition to controlling a Liquid Propane Gas (LPG) tank system .

OpenECU™ Replaces Production GDI ECU for Emissions Control Research

Dana’s M670 OpenECU is being used by the Environmental Protection Agency for emissions control research.

Novel Hydraulic Energy Storage System for Jaguar Hybrid Vehicle

Open ECU was used alongside a novel, hydraulic energy storage system to create a demonstrator vehicle based on an X-type Jaguar production car.

OpenECU™ in prototype Jaguar Land Rover electric vehicle

Dana systems engineers and OpenECU are Jaguar Land Rover choice for rapid development of a prototype electric vehicle for use in South African game reserves.

Land Rover Electric All Terrain Vehicle

Dana was once again called on to further develop a concept to enable the assessment of the applicability of an electric Defender for wider use.