Due to new emissions regulations, the existing production Bosch ECU did not meet requirements.  In order to meet cost and timing targets,Danawas awarded the business to provide the ECU and engine control software for the South African VW Citi-Golf.  The system had to meet Euro-II emissions while accommodating the South African variations in fuel quality.   Driveability and performance needed to meet the high standards of a VW passenger car.


Danadeveloped an ECU and the software for engine controls of the VW Citi-Golf.  Three different engine power outputs were covered.  Software functionality from OpenECU™ engine control was ported to the Citi-Golf ECU and calibrated in conjunction with VW engineers.

New features included:

Closed loop fuel
HEGO heater control
Adaptive fuel and canister purge
Catalyst heating and protection

Particular attention was given to the knock control system due to the fuel variations.  The software included an adaptive knock algorithm which successfully mitigated the variation in fuel quality.


The system was successfully launched into production and ran until the end of the Citi-Golf line.

Project Features

Production software
ECU hardware design


Two years