Dana was contracted to provide software for a climate control switch‑pack for use in a variety of passenger cars.  The software was required to run on the Tier 1 customer’s own hardware/control panel. In some cases, the software needed to include the infotainment human machine interface (HMI) as well as the climate control switches.


Dana developed production software for the swich-pack system to work with the OEM communications and vehicle architecture requirements as well as the Tier 1 hardware.

The software was originally written for one vehicle, but has since been iterated for five different vehicles (each with different electrical architectures).  Some of the original vehicles have also evolved over multiple model years.

The software functionality has also changed from being a relatively simple HMI to including direct control of several climate control functions.

Results and Impact

The software has been successfully launched into production on a number of vehicles over more than ten years.

Project Features

Production Software Development


10 years