The combination of Dana’s engineering consulting team and our OpenECU™ rapid controls prototyping platform has positioned us to support a broad range of production and prototype vehicle control systems programs.  The same OpenECU module used for your model based rapid controls system development can also be used for demonstration fleets and low to intermediate volume production. Dana has the experience and process discipline to execute safety critical production hardware and software programs and the flexibility to "do what it takes"? for rapid controls prototyping. Many customers engage with Dana for our production ready customizable OpenECU platform but become long-term customers as they experience working with our engineering team. A growing portion of Dana’s business is to deliver fully custom electronic hardware designs to meet specific customer performance, cost, reliability and packaging requirements.

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Dana provides model-based engine control solution and knowledge transfer to customer

Dana helped a major small engine manufacturer transition to modern model-based engine control development by helping them build their own internal department at the company’s global headquarters.

M670 constant current customization for transmission controls development

To develop a precision analog current source output using OpenECU’s M670, to be utilized as a control source for precise force control of solenoids for developing transmission control strategies.

Seeing Machines Productionization

Dana provided focused offerings in the productionization of an image processing based safety device for Seeing Machines, a leading provider of image processins based driver safety systems.

OpenECU™ for Vehicle Supervisory Control in Autonomous Vehicles; Controlling Engine, Braking and Transmission

Dana’s Engineering Team using the OpenECU M460 created the controls enabling key functions of Lockheed Martin’s appliqué vehicle autonomy solution.

OpenECU™ for Developing Semi-Active Suspension Control

Development of a semi-active suspension control system to meet the mobility, transportability and survivability requirements of next-generation military light tactical wheeled vehicles.

Lycoming Dual-Redundant Safety-Critical Electronic EMS for Aircraft Application

Dana adapted proven automotive technology to aircraft piston engine control applications including the necessary dual-redundant functionality to comply with aviation safety and flight control requirements.

OpenECU™ Used for Production Active Aerodynamic Systems Control

Dana developed an active aerodynamic systems controler for a well known European boutique supercar manufacturer.

OpenECU™ Platform Used to Develop Torque-based Traction Control

Dana’s engineering team used the OpenECU platform to develop custom control algorithms to provide individual wheel torque management via hydraulic-controlled limited-slip differentials

OpenECU™ Series Hybrid Control System for Protean Electric Vehicle Durability Testing

Dana developed a full series hybrid control system and electrical architecture based on a standard production GM light commercial vehicle.