To develop a proof-of-concept General Aviation engine controller using OpenECU™, to be utilized as an input to the design of a production controller and to develop the prototype engine control software.


OpenECU G850 was used to develop a functional proof of concept. Dana’s standard, off-the-shelf OpenECU hardware was sufficiently robust to be used directly on an aircraft prototype that logged over 100 hours of successful flight time.  The redundancy required in aircraft systems was provided by using two OpenECU G850 controllers operating in parallel.

Dana’s engineering team worked onsite at Lycoming and at various flight-test facilities to develop and calibrate the engine control system.

Once an effective and stable control strategy was established on the proof of concept controller, Dana took the lead in developing a complete specification for a production engine controller.

Results and Impact

The development work performed using the OpenECU hardware led to the successful implementation of a production Full-Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC) system on Lycoming’s iE2 engine products.

Dana continues to support Lycoming’s ongoing engine control development and calibration programs.

Product Features

Engine control software development
Engine controller hardware specification
Engine control calibration