To develop an active aerodynamic control system for rear spoiler deployment and vehicle ride height adjustment to provide increased traction and stability at high-speed without significantly increasing aerodynamic drag or adversely affecting low-speed ride and handling qualities.


Dana’s engineering team utilized the M210 (a variant of the M250 OpenECU controller) and our Simulink API model based controls developer platform to develop the system.  The controls allowed the customer to electrically actuate a speed-dependent rear spoiler to increase rear aerodynamic down-force on the vehicle body as well as lowering the vehicle at speed via a pneumatic ride height adjusting system at each suspension corner to reduce the volume of air passing under the vehicle and control the overall attitude of the vehicle body.

Results and Impact

These combined systems had the effect of enhancing stability and traction during high-speed driving while minimizing the lifting effect of high-speed airflow without significantly increasing aerodynamic drag.