For a customer doing small production runs across several years, a fully populated off the shelf OpenECU™ wasn’t the most cost effective or efficient solution. Dana helped the customer pare down the unused I/O and configure the sensor interfaces to match the customer’s requirements.
The customer implemented their on-vehicle control algorithm using Dana’s OpenECU M560 as the electronic control unit. While developing on test vehicles with the standard off the shelf M560, the customer worked in parallel with Dana to reduce the production piece price of the module by removing the unneeded circuitry and a variety of unused output drivers resulting in the M561. The M561 was also optimized for the customer’s sensors by modifying pull resistances. Additionally, Dana’s engineers supported the customer with app development, DV testing, and tailored production documentation.
Results and Impact
This project resulted in a new ECU, with complete PPAP, for the customer. The M561 controllers are produced on the same production line as the M560 and have customized end of line test and a customer-specific label for the module. The piece price for each unit was brought down by approximately 15%.