Written by Gordan Jurasek, Director of Hardware Advanced Solutions, Dana

Evaluating the suitability of an OpenECU Electronic Control Unit (ECU) for use in your system as an embedded controller is best done in layers with the obvious and superficial screens done first to narrow the candidate pool to a limited quantity followed by the fine detailed requirements test on the narrower candidate pool.  Many times, an off-the-shelf module will meet the requirements but for cases where customization is needed, OpenECU is designed to accommodate a wide range of options.  The topics in this OpenECU evaluation series are:


How to Determine Which OpenECU is Suitable for My System: I/O

The first step in determining which OpenECU Electronic Control Unit (ECU) is most suitable is a simple matching of I/O capabilities to needs.

The tools I use daily to evaluate our ECUs for customer applications are the Pinout Templates for our line of OpenECUs.  You can have a look at them on the Dana Downloads Page.

M250 Pin out

The information needed to properly evaluate a match between an application and an OpenECU is the following from the perspective of each ECU pin:

Analog sensor inputs:

Digital switch inputs:

Frequency/duty cycle inputs:

Specialty inputs:


Sensor supply and 5V reference:

Serial bus communication:

What are the power modes of the ECU: