Newsletter July 2020

Motor Control Driver Box for Brushed and Brushless DC Motor

The M220-XAU is a unique variation of the M220 controller, specifically designed to be the master controller in applications using the S090 as a slave power driver box. This variation of the M220 provides inputs and outputs unique to motor control to seamlessly interact with the features of the S090 which include drive for both a brushed and brushless DC motor.

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New Release: Dana Supports Matlab® 2020a in OpenECU® 2.9

The latest release for standard OpenECU hardware targets allows OpenECU developers to use an updated range of embedded development tools and additional features. The OpenECU 2.9 release includes updated tools support for Matlab versions 2019a through 2020a, support for ETAS XETK on M670, and the capability to import dSPACE TargetLink Models into an OpenECU Model.

New features include the capability to configure multiple CAN busses as J1939 nodes and support for the M220-XAU ECU plus S090 BLDC motor controller.

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OpenECU Integration with dSPACE TargetLink



The production code generator TargetLink generates highly efficient C code straight from MathWorks® Simulink®/ Stateflow® and allows early verification through built-in simulation and testing with the TargetLink blockset.

OpenECU, Dana’s product line of offthe-shelf rapid control prototyping ECUs, now supports simple and rapid integration with TargetLink. Users can import TargetLink subsystems into OpenECU Simulink models. Developers and test engineers can evaluate and test algorithms developed with TargetLink on OpenECU hardware for in-vehicle and fleet trials.

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Embedded Controls Development: Learning Opportunities Available Through Webinars and Whitepapers


Dana discusses how the OpenECU toolchain supports model-based design (MBD). It outlines the reusable, scalable rapid controls prototyping (RCP) platform which provides flexibility for customization needed to meet specific functionality.

In May, Dana hosted a webinar focused on a deep-dive into OpenECU’s architecture addressing both hardware and software development steps for embedded controls development, in both prototyping and production programs. The slides and a recording of this webinar are available here.

In support of the webinar, Dana also recently published a whitepaper discussing engineering solutions with a focus on OpenECU integration into the MBD framework. This describes how the use of off-the-shelf ECU hardware solutions enable a mixed top-down and bottom-up approach to accelerate product development. This whitepaper is available here.

University Partner Using Dana


The Automotive Engineering engine research group at Clemson University is using our M670 + S090 toolchain for SparkAssisted Compression Ignition (SACI) combustion strategy research.
“The M670 is highly-capable and the Simulink interface was critical to our decision” according to the Clemson team. The engine is fully operational with a continuously variable valve lift system.
Their research objective is to implement SACI on the M670 toolchain based platform. The goal is to model SACI combustion real-time and develop controls algorithms to optimize combustion phasing and burn duration. Dana wishes the Clemson team every success.


University Partner Using Dana


The Iowa State University Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering department has been using M220 toolchain to build ateaching lab for the senior / graduate level course in Electronic System Integration for Agricultural Machinery. The teaching topics for this course are system architecture and design of electronics applied to agricultural machinery and production systems. Emphasis on information technology and system integration for automated agriculture process.
The teaching topics include Design of Controller Area Network communication systems ISO 11783 and SAE J1939, application of technologies for sensing, distributed control, and automation of agricultural machinery with an emphasis in electro-hydraulic systems.

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