Dana has been a Kvaser Technical Associate (TA) and Qualified Sales Representative (QSR) for a number of years, and enjoys a good working relationship with this titan of the CAN (Controller Area Network) world! More than just using Kvaser CAN interface products as part of delivering embedded control solutions in development and in the production environment, we value Kvaser’s insights into the application of CAN in the transportation industries.

Being involved as part of the Kvaser TA network has been a valuable experience, bringing awareness of new developments in the CAN world, for example the introduction of CAN-FD, which offers the ability to access higher bandwidth and data rates. Another benefit that the relationship has afforded us is the opportunity to network with other TA organizations, with the chance to forge new business relationships, and to have some fun doing so as part or the regular TA meetings that the Kvaser team organizes.

A good recent example of Dana’s collaboration with Kvaser was demonstrated during the EV Tech Expo in Novi, MI, where Kvaser’s Bryan Hennessy worked with Dana’s Amir Rezaei to showcase the capabilities of the OpenECU M560 controller running our CCS (Combined Charging System) base software and application strategies by simulating an EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) unit using Kvaser’s DIN rail product. More information about this effort was recently posted on the Kvaser website here: https://www.kvaser.com/simulating-an-electric-vehicle-charging-station-battery-show-demo-walkthrough/