Congratulations to University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Formula SAE Team “MRacing” on their 5th place finish, 1st among U.S. competitors, in the Formula SAE event on May 13th, 2017 at Michigan International Speedway.

The 2017 MRacing vehicle utilizes a 600cc turbocharged powertrain and an automated pneumatic shifting system managed by an OpenECU M220 ECU. Students used the OpenECU Simulink API to design and prototype shifting system algorithms with automatic shifting and torque-cut clutchless upshifts.

“The OpenECU tools from Dana have enabled us to pursue projects complex projects in a simple fashion. The M220 ECU’s interface as well as Dana’s Simulink API allow for ease of code development and testing. Using these tools and the help of Dana we have been able to successfully improve old projects and implement new ones year after year,” commented Vishal Subrahmanyam, student from the University of Michigan.

OpenECU has a proven track record with MRacing for this and previous competition years due to its rugged, reliable hardware, and full-featured user-customizable software. Dana congratulates MRacing on their strong finish at Michigan, and wish them best of luck at their upcoming competitions in Barrie, Ontario, and Barcelona, Spain this summer!

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