MathWorks China 2015 copy


For the second year in a row, Dana exhibited at the Mathworks Automotive conference in Shanghai.  This well attended conference was a perfect venue for Dana to highlight the OpenECU rapid control development platform and discuss engineering services related to engine controls and NEVs with current and potential Chinese customers.  Dana continues to serve as a Mathworks preferred partner, working to assure our platform is compatible with the overall Mathworks tool chain.  At this year’s conference, Dana introduced the new M670 OpenECU controller, designed with engine control in mind.  A broad range of opportunities were discussed with customers ranging from very large OEMs to start-up companies.  The concept of being able to use the same ECU for rapid control prototyping development, fleet trials, and low volume production was very attractive to potential customers.

The conference was attended by Nicky Zhao, Dana’s China Sales Manager,  and supported by Dwight Hansell (VP Business Development, U.S. Office) as well as by
Jim Bridges (Chief Engineer, UK Office).



Dana LLC has been in the United States since 1990. The OpenECU product family (Model-Based development Software Platform) is Dana’s signature product family and by 2019 there were more than 40,000 OpenECU based ECUs on the road in production vehicle applications.

Information about Dana and its products in the USA is available to journalists online at