October 20, 2015

 Dana’s recent announcement – in collaboration with AGA Systems Inc. of Kaysville, UT. – of the launch of a new bi-fuel system diagnostic interface module, is just one of the products and technologies that the company will display at Engine Expo 2015, Novi, Michigan, Oct20-22.

AGA Systems’ new bi-fuel system diagnostic module is based on Dana’s flexible OpenECU® M220 control module, which gives AGA Systems the freedom to develop its own software and unique control methodologies with an electronic module ideal for low to medium volume commercial and automotive applications. AGA Systems has achieved EPA certification for its bi-fuel system for General Motors light duty truck and SUV platforms, which operates seamlessly with the original manufacturer’s engine control system.

The new bi-fuel system diagnostic module monitors driver inputs and vehicle conditions, and allows seamless switching between gasoline and compressed natural gas (CNG). The module has custom diagnostic monitors for the secondary fuel, and supports standard CAN automotive diagnostic scanners connected directly to the factory diagnostic port.

Aaron Stuart, VP of Engineering and Technology at AGA Systems said, “We found the OpenECU tool chain to be very easy to use. We were able to quickly implement changes to our application and test those on a vehicle right away. On previous platforms we would have to wait up to three months for software changes. Now we are able to write our own software updates and implement them within hours. The engineers from the Dana team were very responsive and got us up and running quickly, which meant we could get this product into our customers’ hands. Being able to use the same proven OpenECU module for development and then implement it into production with no additional capital or tooling costs, was a huge benefit for our program.  We’re very happy with the performance and reliability of the OpenECU system module.”

“AGA Systems is a great company to work with, and this collaboration is a perfect example of how OpenECU can offer our customers a way to launch their product offerings quickly and effectively, and at the same time keep control of the intellectual property that gives them an edge in their market,” said Dr. Walter Lucking, CEO of Dana.

Dana will be exhibiting its OpenECU technology – including the M220 controller – at Engine Expo 2015, at the Suburban Collection Showplace, Novi, Michigan, October 20-22, 2015, booth #E148.


Picture available for download with this release: AGA Systems Bi-Fuel CNG system is available for the 2015 Chevy Tahoe Police Pursuit Vehicle (PPV)



Dana LLC has been in the United States since 1990. The OpenECU product family (Model-Based development Software Platform) is Dana’s signature product family and by 2019 there were more than 40,000 OpenECU based ECUs on the road in production vehicle applications.

Information about Dana and its products in the USA is available to journalists online at https://openecu.com.