Introducing M580

The OpenECU™ M580 Electronic Control Unit is designed with functional safety process for Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) and Vehicle Charge Control Unit (VCCU) to support the most demanding 24 V systems of commercial Electric Vehicle (EV) / Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) supervisory control applications. Since most supervisory controls demand the highest level of functional safety, the M580 was developed as a Safety Element out of Context (SEooC) following ISO 26262.


OpenECU M580

M580 ECU is supported by a high performance SPC5746 primary microprocessor and a powerful 32-bit SPC560P34 secondary microprocessor providing sophisticated, high-bandwidth rationality checking and system safety monitoring of full-authority vehicle control applications.

The M580 is designed to support EV / HEV supervisory control applications, the integrated charging circuitry eliminates the need for a separate charger interface module.

Due to its high quantity of customizable I/O, advanced microprocessor, safety-oriented architecture and user friendly OpenECU Simulink application interface, the M580 is a great rapid control prototyping platform for a broad range of applications. Dana also offers control algorithm for Electric Vehicle Model in MATLAB and Combined Charging System (CCS) suitable to support most EV / HEV / NEV architectures and following SAE J1772 and DIN 70121 standards. With the M560 or M580 Supervisory Control and Combined Charging System (CCS) control algorithms customers get an integrated module with Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) and Charge Management Unit (CMU) in one module i.e. two ECUs in a single controller.
Dana’s systems, controls and software engineers are available to support application implementations from prototype to production.

Our M580 is specially tailored for 24V systems for trucks, agricultural vehicles and commercial vehicle applications.

High Performance

  • Powerful NXP SPC5746 microprocessor and 4x CAN 2.0 channels
  • Multiple H-bridges, low side drives and high side outputs
  • Comprehensive fault diagnosis supporting functional safety as well as OBD requirements
  • High level diagnostics fault reporting resident in platform software


  • Designed to meet ISO26262 ASIL D functional safety requirements
  • 112 pins of flexible I/O
  • Integrated charging interface circuitry
  • Truly open application independent Simulink® development environment
  • For 12V vehicle systems see our M560


  • Designed for complex hybrid and EV applications
  • High-quality rugged hardware designed for Chassis or Passenger Compartment
  • Supports common calibration tools such as ATI Vision and Vector CANape via CCP as well as Dana calibration tool OpenECU Calibrator
  • Same proven hardware used for development can be used for volume production
  • Targeted to 24V vehicle applications which source the 24V from a BC/DC
  • Supported platform software: OpenECU-FS

Hardware Specifications

Primary Processor SPC5746
Clock Rate 160MHz
Code Space Up to 3MB
RAM Space Up to 256kB
Calibration Space Up to 256kB
Secondary Processor SPC560P34
Clock Rate 64MHz
Total Flash Space Up to 192kB
Total RAM Space Up to 12kB
Digital Inputs 9x switched, 3x PWM
Analog Inputs 32
Internal Features
Partial Networking Partial Networking
Wake on CAN (2 channels) Wake on CAN (2 channels)
Wake on digital/PWM input Wake on digital/PWM input
Pilot, Proximity and CC2 pins Pilot, Proximity and CC2 pins
Location Chassis/Passenger Compartment
Supply Voltage 8 – 32V
I/O Summary
Sensor Supplies 2x 5V @200mA
Input Pins 44
Output Pins 36
Communication 4x CAN 2.0 (primary processor), 1x CAN (secondary processor)
H-Bridges 1x 10A, 2x 5A, 1x 3.2A
Low Current Low Side Drives 11x 100mA, 4x 400mA, 14x 700mA, 2x 1A
High Current Low Side Drives 4x 2.2A, 1x 3.2A
High Side Logic Outputs 2x 1mA
High Side Outputs 4x 700mA
Dimensions 225x205x45mm (WxDxH)
Material Aluminum
Weight 1.1kg
Connectors Molex 112pin (1×48, 2×32)
Vibration ISO 16750 chassis mount
Environmental Protection IP69K Sealed/Gore Vent


M580 Applications Include:

VCU + VCCU (Integrated)The M580 provides capability for both VCU and VCCU application i.e. supervisory control and charge management in a single ECU.

Application Description
Vehicle Control Unit (24V System) Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) provides torque coordination, charge control, power management, thermal management, vehicle speed limiting and more for Electric Vehicle (EV) or Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) architectures with 24 V systems with CAN and J1939 communication buses.
Vehicle Charge Control Unit (24V System) A Vehicle Charge Control Unit (VCCU) or Vehicle Communication and Charging Control (VCCC) is an ECU which manages the charging of Electric Vehicle or Hybrid Electric Vehicles. With Powerline Communication (PLC) the M580 provides charging circuitry for charging applications following SAE J1772 and DIN 70121 standards.




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This is a default configuration, optional configuration available, please contact us.
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Primary Processor SPC5534 SPC5746B MPC5534 MPC5534 MPC5534 MPC5674F MPC5746B SPC5746 SPC5746
Primary Clock Rate 80MHz 80MHz 80MHz 80MHz 80MHz 264MHz 160MHz 160MHz 160MHz
Primary Code Space 512KB 3MB 768KB 768KB 512KB 3MB 2302KB 3MB 3MB
Primary RAM Space 64KB 256kB 832KB 832KB 64KB 128kB 384KB 256KB 256KB
Primary Calibration Space 256KB 256kB 236KB 256KB 256KB 128kB 128KB 256KB 256KB
Secondary Processor SPC560P34 SPC560P34 SPC560P34
Secondary Clock Rate 64MHz 64MHz 64MHz
Secondary Flash Space 192KB 192KB 192KB
Secondary Calibration Space 20KB
Secondary RAM Space 12KB 12KB
Operating Voltage 9V to 32V 8V to 32V 7V to 32 V 7V to 32 V 12V or 24V 8V to 18V 8V to 18V 8V to 18V
Sensor Supply 1x 5V @250mA 1x 1 x 5V / 250mA 1 x 5V / 250mA 2x 5V@250mA 4x 250mA @ 5V none 2x 5V @200mA 2x 5V @200mA
Standby Current 0.25mA @12V 0.25mA @ 12V
Actuator Supplies 1x 20A 2x 10A @ Vbatt
Output Protection Short to Battery, Ground
Battery Input Protection Overvoltage, Reverse Voltage
Survive Voltage -28V to 36V
High Speed CAN 2.0 2x 4x 2x 2x 2x 4x 1x 4x 4x
LIN (master)2 2x
Inputs (Analog or Digital) 10x 6x 9x 16x 18x (Digital: 6x; Analog: 12x) 40x (Digital: 5x switched, 3x Frequency, PWM; Analog: 32) 4x 40x (Digital: 9x switched, 3x PWM; Analog: 28) 44x (Digital: 9x switched, 3x PWM; Analog: 32)
Reprogramming Enable (FEPS) 1x @ -18V 1x @ -18V 1x @ -18V 1x @ -18V 1x @ -18V 4x
Differential VRS 1x (2 pins)
Single Ended VRS 2x
Frequency 1x
Cam Shaft 2x ±157V 4x Hall only
Crank Shaft 1x ±157V 1x Hall (VR option)
RTD Sensor 7x 4x
Knock Sensor Knock Sensor
Lamda Sensor (UEGO) 2x
Lamda Sensor (HEGO) 4x (only 2x available when using 2x UEGO)
Ignition Sense 1x 1x 1x
Low Current Low Side Drives Up to 1x 20mA & 2x 100mA & 6x 500mA Up to 6x 500mA LSD 12x 100mA, 3x 400mA, 14x 700mA, 2x 1A 11x 100mA, 4x 400mA, 14x 700mA, 2x 1A
Medium Current Low Side Drives Up to 4x 2A Up to 4x 2A LSD
High Current Low Side Drives 4x 2.2A, 1x 3.2A 4x 2.2A, 1x 3.2A
0-5 V Analog Output Up to 2x 10mA Up to 2x 10mA
PWM Low Side 2x 100mA 2x 100mA, 2x 250mA & 6x 2A
H-Bridge 1x 5A 2x 8A 1x 5A full-bridge & 2x 10A full-bridge or 4x 10A half-bridge 2x 50A peak or 10A 1x 10A, 2x 5A, 1x 3.2A 1x 10A, 2x 5A, 1x 3.2A
High Side Switch 1x 15A 1x Hall (VR option)
Low Side Injector 1x 15A or 5A 3x 5A peak/ 2A hold 8x software-programmable waveform peak-and-hold: nominal 25A peak, 15A hold
Current Monitors 2x
Voltage Monitors 2x
High Side Logic Outputs 2x 1mA 2x 1mA
High Side Outputs 4x 700mA 4x 700mA
Low Side General Purpose, PWM (SM, VM, CTM) 1x 10A, 1x 2A, 1x 500mA 9x 0.2/0.5A lamp & relay, with monitoring of state, voltage, and fault status
Low-side General Purpose, Spark (SM) 1x 8A 8x (Smart Coil only) with monitoring of state; on-off mode for non-spark uses
High-side Injector sources 2x Injector High-Side outputs with programmable boost voltage phase, 25A peak
Low side GP (General Purpose) (VM, CTM) 1x 8A, 2x 6A peak / 4A hold, with voltage and current-tripped monitoring
High-side GP (General Purpose) (CM) 2x 8A up to 85°C, intended for source to low-side outputs, with current monitoring
Constant-Current (with inductive actuator) 8x 2A
Vibration ISO 16750-3 ISO 16750-3 6g random RMS 6g random RMS Ford IIIB - Severe ISO 16750-3 IEC 60068-2-64 ISO 16750 chassis mount ISO 16750 chassis mount
Environmental Protection IP67 - Sealed IP67 – sealed IP67 IP69K IP67 Sealed/Gore vent IP69K IP69K & IPx8 Sealed/Gore vent IP69K Sealed/Gore Vent IP69K Sealed/Gore Vent
ESD ±8kV - SAE J1113-13 SAE J1113-13
Conducted and Radiated Emissions CISPR25 Class 2 CISPR25 Class 2
Conducted Transients ISO 7637-2 ISO 7637-2
Bulk Current Injection Immunity ISO 11452-4 ISO 11452-4
Material Plastic (PPA GF33) PPA GF33 Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum
Dimension in mm (W x H x D) 138 x 130 x 42 138 x 130 x 42 mm (L x W x H) 155 x 115 x 46 155 x 115 x 39 228 x 158 x 50 266 x 299 x 56.5 207 x 104 x 45 225 x 205 x 45 225 x 205 x 45
Weight 520g 520g 1.02 kg 2.5 kg 540g 1.1 kg 1.1 kg
Connectors 2 x 20 pin (Molex MX-150) 2 x 20 pin (Molex MX-150) 46 pin 46 pin 46 pin Molex CMC 154-pin, 3-pocket 1x 23 TE (AMSEAL) Molex 112pin (1x 48, 2x 32) Molex 112pin (1x 48, 2x 32)
Location Chassis mount Chassis mount Chassis mount Engine Compartment/ Chassis Engine Compartment / Chassis Passenger Compartment Chassis/Passenger Compartment Chassis/Passenger Compartment
Operating Temperature ISO 16750-4 (-40°C to 85°C) -40°C to 85°C -40°C to 85°C -40°C to 85°C -40°C to 85°C -40°C to 85°C -40°C to 85°C -40°C to 85°C -40°C to 85°C
Program Status LED drive 1x
Reprogramming Enable In 1x @18V