The OpenECU Calibrator software tool allows the user to interact with software while it runs in real time on an embedded system or electronic control unit (ECU). It uses a communications link to gain access to the memory of the ECU for read and write operations. It also loads information about the program running on the ECU so that it is aware of the memory layout, functions and variables present in the ECU software.


The OpenECU Calibrator software tool allows access to ECU variables and memory in real-time, using CAN.  It supports access to structured data, arrays, pointers, and bitfield data-types.  Users may view and edit within the windowed user interface, or export to Excel for further analysis.



OpenECU Calibrator_Reprogram

OpenECU Calibrator software tool provides flexible access when working with ECU memory.

Data Monitoring

OpenECU Calibrator software tool provides a feature-rich view to monitor data exchanged with the ECU.  OpenECU Calibrator Oscilloscope View provides the following features:


CAN Monitoring

The OpenECU Calibrator software tool allows provides a comprehensive set of tools to the user for working with the CAN bus.

OBD Protocol

In addition, the OpenECU Calibrator software tool offers user enhanced CAN handling to support both ISO-15765 and SAE J1939 message protocols.
OpenECU Calibrator_CANMsg

The OpenECU Calibrator System Requirements

OpenECU Calibrator software tool Updates v9.6.8.0


Getting Started with OpenECU Calibrator