Introducing Pi-EVCC

Pi-EVCC is a standalone off-the-shelf charging control unit designed by OpenECU™ to meet the requirements of an Electric Vehicle Charge Controller (EVCC) or Vehicle Charge Control Unit (VCCU). Pi-EVCC adopts SAE J1772 and DIN 70121 standard for AC and DC Fast Charging.


Pi-EVCC is available for 12V or 24V vehicle systems. Pi-EVCC is equipped with Powerline Communication (PLC) circuitry to enable charging. Thus, it is capable of interfacing with an off-board charging station, also known as Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE).

Pi-EVCC is delivered with a charging control application software and the user has access to a number of calibration variables via a dedicated CAN bus to fine-tune the performance to match system requirements.

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