OpenECU M670

Data measurement and calibration is a critical aspect of any ECU application development. All of Dana’s ECUs support the industry-standard CAN Calibration Protocol (CCP). CCP is a software-based solution that utilizes one of the ECU’s CAN buses to interface with external calibration tools.

Using CCP, a calibration tool accomplishes basic calibration activities:

The OpenECU M670 is designed to facilitate development for a wide range of engine control applications.  Data measurement is particularly important during engine control development.  In some cases, more bandwidth and flexibility is needed than CCP provides. The M670 accommodates this by integrating with the add-on INCA XETK-2.0B.

Free the CAN bus:

The XETK communicates directly with the ETAS INCA service tool using XCP over a dedicated physical connection from the JTAG interface on the M670. It supports calibration, data measurement, and reprogramming without utilizing the CAN bus. This can be useful in applications that have high CAN utilization and cannot spare bus capacity for calibration and measurement activities.

Capture more data:

The XETK has more bandwidth than CCP. It can capture data at a much higher rate, typically 20x more.

Recover ECUs from development errors:

On occasion during the development of prototype custom applications, an ECU may become unresponsive to CAN communication. The XETK can reprogram an ECU in this condition without having to remove it from a vehicle (or test environment) to provide a unique physical reset input.

More Information

The ETAS XETK is described and available here. The specific supported XETK is here.