OpenECU™ works with you to understand your unique project needs through the intake of your requirements materials, by having deep-dive technical discussions, and through a requirements workshop.

DIA (Development Interface Agreement)

The Development Interface Agreement (DIA) defines the responsibilities of Dana and the customer in the development project. The DIA encompasses which tasks each party is to conduct and the work products each is to provide. As such, the DIA performs the role of the customer acceptance plan in traditional programs. DIA fulfillment (or customer acceptance) is embodied by a review of documentation, demonstration of functionality, and release of work products. The DIA provides a single efficient reference to allow the customer to provide overall approval of the project work.

Hardware Requirements

Dana has a wide selection of off-the-shelf ECU’s that may directly suit your needs or can be a starting point for creating quick modifications to handle your specific needs. Dana also provides complete custom ECU design services that cover everything from PCB layout, custom pinouts, ASIC selection, housing, and all DV or production testing. During the hardware requirements phase, Dana will work closely with you to find the best off-the-shelf or custom solution for your project.

Functional Application Requirements

Dana has decades of experience designing and implementing some of the toughest ECU application solutions

• EV / HEV
• Engine control
• Steering gateway
• Semi-active suspension
• Brake wear
• Transmission control
• Autonomous master in-vehicle communications control

Dana works with you to determine the requirements for a model-based (Simulink) solution that is created by Dana, yourself, or even in collaboration with a 3rd party. If you have unique sensor or timing needs, we’ll ensure that the model and the underlying platform software are designed to your specifications.

Safety Requirements

First and foremost, Dana works with you to thoroughly understand the ASIL safety levels needed, and Dana ECU solutions to find the most appropriate design solutions that meet the safety levels. Dana staff is trained in 26262 and a Certified Safety Professional will be on your project. Dana has completed large safety-critical projects according to ISO 26262.

For example, the Dana M560 ECU includes two processors in the standard configuration so that stringent ASIL D can be achieved through ASIL B(D)+B(D) decomposition which can make your project timelines shorter and more cost-effective.

Testing Requirements

Traceability ensures that testing is thorough and complete. Throughout the development process, traceability of requirements through design, implementation, safety analysis, and testing is part of the Dana DNA.