This OpenECU Third Party Tool Compatibility page is an actively managed listing to communicate the latest plan of support for the elements of OpenECU.

Each release of OpenECU (e.g., OpenECU r2.9.0) includes a file in the documentation provided with the installation which details the compatibility list of tools supported for that specific release.


In summary, the following third party tools are compatible with OpenECU (r2.9.0 for non-M560 targets and r3.0.0-FS for M5xx targets):

Third party tool Compatible versions
Operating systems
Microsoft Windows Versions:

  • Windows 10 (64-bit)
  • Win7 SP1 (32 and 64-bit, both deprecated)
  • XP SP3 (32-bit, deprecated)


  • OpenECU developer software has been tested to work with Windows 10. OpenECU is compatible with Windows 7 SP1 (32-bit and 64-bit) and Windows XP SP3, but support for these operating systems is deprecated. OpenECU is not compatible with Windows Vista or Windows 8 or versions earlier than Windows XP SP3
  • OpenECU developer software may not function correctly on encrypted drives. OpenECU developer software must be able to create files on the host file system. If using an encrypted drive, be sure that permission settings will allow OpenECU to create files. Dana cannot provide support for issues with encrypted drives.
For Simulink model based development, OpenECU requires (at a minimum) the following MathWorks tools:

  • MATLAB (base product)
  • Simulink (to develop the models)
  • Simulink Coder (to generate C code from the models)
  • MATLAB Coder (Simulink Coder depends on this)

In addition, if you need to add state diagrams to the model, then you will also need:

  • Stateflow (to develop state flow diagrams inside your model) Simulink Coder generates C code from the state flow diagrams inside your model.

Simulink Coder generates C code which does not lend itself to efficient repeatable testing. When creating a production version of your product, you may need better control of the structure of the C code generated from the model to reduce the cost of testing the C code against any industry standards. Under these circumstances you will also need:

  • Embedded Coder (to generate C code from the models)
MathWorks MATLAB Versions:

  • 32-bit: R2015a-R2015b
  • 64-bit: R2015a-R2020a


  • M5xx target ISO 26262 certified only on R2015b and R2018b
  • R2013a-R2014b (both 32- and 64-bit) deprecated
MathWorks Simulink
MathWorks MATLAB Coder
MathWorks Simulink Coder (includes functionality of RTW and Stateflow Coder)
MathWorks Embedded Coder
Compiler tools for both C-API and Simulink-API
OpenECU requires (at a minimum) one of the following compiler tools
Wind River Diab C compiler Versions:

  • v5.5.1.0 (deprecated), v5.8.0.0, v5.9.0.0 for M110, M220, M221, M250, M460 and M461 targets
  • v5.9.0.0 for M670 target
  • v5.9.4.8 for M5xx target with patch*
  • v5.9.6.7 for M5xx targets

*Patch file can be downloaded from section M560 or M580 Hardware and related OpenECU software.

GCC Compiler Versions:

  • v4.7.3 for M110, M220, M250, M460, M461 and M670 targets


  • OpenECU has only been tested using GCC Compiler version 4.7.3 and is in the beta stage. As such, there are a number of known issues to keep in mind when compiling an OpenECU application using GCC. For further details, please see “Integration notes for third party tools” for a list of known issues.
Note: All OpenECU targets use Freescale PowerPC microcontrollers.

  • The M110, M220, M221, M250, M460 and M461 use an MPC5534 microcontroller.
  • The M670 uses an MPC5674F microcontroller.
  • The M5xx use an MPC5746C for the primary microcontroller and SPC560P34 for the secondary microcontroller.

See the Technical Specification for your target for more information.

Reprogramming, data logging and calibration tools
To program and calibrate an OpenECU with an application, OpenECU integrates with the following calibration tools. Only one calibration tool is required. These tools have been tested for reprogramming, data logging, and calibration. Some of them have many other features which have not been tested with OpenECU.
OpenECU Calibrator Any version
ATI Vision Versions:

  • 2.5 through v5.1.2


  • The OpenECU method of configuring ATI Vision uses standardized ASAP2 files. As a result, all future versions of Vision are expected to be backwardly compatible (e.g., version 3.7 and version 4.0 are known to be compatible).
  • The following Vision toolkits are typically used when working with OpenECU: Data Acquisition Toolkit, Calibration Toolkit, Universal ECU Interface Standard Toolkit, APOLLO Data Analysis Toolkit, CAN Interface Toolkit and HORIZON Scripting/Remote API Toolkit. In particular, the HORIZON Scripting/Remote API Toolkit is required if OpenECU builds are to generate Vision strategy files (.vst).
ETAS INCA v7.2.7
Vector CANape v8.0 through v16.0