24 Feb 2014

The University of Michigan’s Supermileage Team is using Dana’s OpenECU platform to assist in the development of their 2014 SAE Supermilage competion entry. The team is designing a lightweight, streamlined and tightly packaged vehicle and is modifying a small lawnmower engine to implement their vision of fuel efficient vehicle performance.

The University of Michigan has a long-standing tradition of excellence in automotive engineering and Dana is proud to be involved as a supporter as the team go for their goal of beating the North American record of 3,169 mpg, and achieve competitive success in the SAE Supermileage and other fuel economy events around the world.



Dana LLC has been in the United States since 1990. The OpenECU product family (Model-Based development Software Platform) is Dana’s signature product family and by 2019 there were more than 40,000 OpenECU based ECUs on the road in production vehicle applications.

Information about Dana and its products in the USA is available to journalists online at https://openecu.com.