Gordan Jurasek, Dana senior hardware engineer, will be discussing novel BLDC motor control design for mixed voltage.
This presentation discusses the design challenges and optimization choices necessary in the development of a brushless DC motor controller intended for use in hybrid and electric drive applications. The need to provide precise, high-power motor control for 12V, 24V, 48V and 300V+ systems in a common electronics design presents some unique challenges and drives the use of new materials and techniques, making this an exciting engineering project and resulting in a high-value solution for systems integrators in the hybrid and electric marine industry.

Dana is drawing upon its extensive background in the automotive and commercial vehicle industries, and experience with marine electronics certification, to provide electric and hybrid powertrain control solutions for the marine market. The recently launched M670 OpenECU controller is an idea platform for companies looking for an integrated system supervisor, with extensive I/O and four communication buses that are compatible with NMEA2000, J1939, ISO CAN, and CANopen protocols. To complement the OpenECU® hardware, Dana has also developed a set of Simulink® software hybrid and electric powertrain core control strategies that are available as source code or as part of a delivered controller. The strategy architecture takes account of a wide range of possible powertrain configurations, and carries out the core task of translating operator demanded input into propulsion torque output, based on powertrain component configurations and their relative availability at any given time. A framework is provided in the software to interface the core logic with the specific system of interest, and a range of fault codes are also made available for use by system developers and maintenance operatives. Dana provides OpenECU hardware and software components as development tools for customers that have the resources to use them within their own projects for development and production, but also offers engineering consultancy services to help realize the technical goals of its customers.

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