Dana is proud to publish this whitepaper on Model-Based Design and OpenECU written by Arnav Gupta, System Engineer at Dana. Below is the summary of the whitepaper.

This whitepaper discusses the challenges faced by engineers while developing embedded control systems and focuses on software specific considerations within the model-based design (MBD) paradigm. It also sheds light on hardware considerations and highlights how an electronic control unit (ECU) development platform such as OpenECU®, can provide the complete solution for embedded controls development.

Today’s vehicles contain a complex technical infrastructure of various integrated systems. They have evolved from an aggregate of systems of mechanical components to systems with embedded electronic controls. Because of this evolution, embedded control systems are an integral part of vehicles today and even components such as traditional hand brakes are evolving into electronic parking brakes (EPB). While the traditional handbrake is simple and functional, an EPB enables additional functions such as automatic hill-hold and automatic brake-hold at stoplights. Additionally, it also frees up the space in the center console area contributing to interior aesthetics and enhances vehicle security, as the brakes can be locked when the vehicle is turned off and only unlocked with an authorized electronic key. With the traditional handbrake, information on failures is not available to the user, but electronic systems enable this – increasing both active and passive safety.

Download here for entire Dana Whitepaper