OpenECU® M560 & M580 EV Supervisory Controllers Now Available with CCS Software

With the OpenECU M560 or M580 Supervisory Controllers and CCS (Combined Charging System) control strategy software , customers get Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) and Charge Management Unit (CMU) functions integrated in one module i.e. two ECUs for the price of one. Dana’s CCS Control Strategies manage the charging session for AC charging and DC fast charging implementing Combined Charging System adhering to SAE J1772 and DIN 70121 standards.

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OpenECU M670 with FPGA for Closed-Loop Control Using In-cylinder Pressure Measurement

The OpenECU M670 with FPGA provides the capability needed for advanced engine control applications, equiring complex cylinder pressure-based combustion calculations. It calculates burn rate and the efficiency of combustion within the time window of an engine cycle for the results to be used to adjust the injection and timing of the next cycle.

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Development of an ISO 26262 ASIL-D Custom ECU for Autonomous Vehicle

A growing portion of Dana’s business is developing custom ECUs for our customers. A major automotive OEM with very compressed development timeframes chose Dana to develop a custom Electronic Control Unit (ECU) designed to meet ISO 26262 ASIL-D (Functional Safety), to be used for autonomous vehicle development fleet. Requirements included a 6-axis Inertial Measurement Unit with high precision, high stability and low
thermal drift, full dual redundant operation, and fail-operational robustness to single-point failure.

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SMART, DDOT Become Proterra’s 100th Customer with Purchase of Proterra Battery-Electric Buses and Charging Systems

Dana congratulates Proterra on bringing electric vehicle technology to the Motor City when it recently announced the Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation (SMART) and Detroit Department of Transportation (DDOT) have agreed to purchase electric buses and chargers from Proterra, becoming the 100th customer for the company.

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