In-Cylinder Pressure

Calculating Burn Rate with M670 equipped with FPGA

M670 with FPGA

The FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) daughter board for the M670 provides capability needed for advanced engine control application requiring complex cylinder pressure-based combustion calculations.

The M670 with FPGA calculates burn rate and the efficiency of combustion within the time window of an engine cycle for the results to be used to adjust the injection and timing of the next cycle. This allows for closed-loop control of spark and fuel using in-cylinder pressure measurements and combustion parameter calculations.

The M670 with FPGA extension performs several calculations on each 0.1 degree of engine cycle followed by a search to find the crank angle at several points in the combustion process.

The M670 can perform complex engine control strategy required to run the engine and the enhanced FPGA coprocessing can quickly complete complex calculations in parallel with the M670 processor.

In-Cylinder Pressure Overview

The M670 equipped with analog signal acquisition and FPGA daughter board is able to acquire signals and quickly perform required calculations. The computational speed of the FPGA provides acquisition and calculation results for each cylinder angle at a 0.1 degree up to 8000 RPM.

Once the cylinder cycle is completed, the FPGA determines the location of the configured burn angles in less than 125us. This is less than 6 degrees of crank rotation.

This allows Engine Control Strategy configured in the M670 to adjust the control strategy to match the current performance of each cylinder before the beginning of the cylinder injection for the next cycle.

Allowing our customers to develop Engine Control Strategies to provide more efficient combustion

Real-time Results

By utilizing FPGA, the calculation required can be tailored to the engine immediately by changing calculation parameters. For example when the crank angle at which 50% of the fuel is burned is later than the optimum angle. In this case an earlier ignition time can be determined before the next cycle begins and applied to achieve optimum combustion.

Field Testing in Production Vehicles

The M670 with FPGA has successfully been used in vehicles for field testing with the intent to demonstrate production viability of ECUs with In-Cylinder Pressure for production vehicles.

Product Package

If you are interested in performing In-cylinder pressure for your engine program, we provide the following for successful integration of the M670 with FPGA:

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