Dana has added the S090 Solenoid and Motor Driver engineering development module to its family of rapid controls prototyping ECUs and associated tools.

With the ongoing need for electrification of powertrain and chassis systems to improve efficiency, the needs for electrification can exceed the capabilities of existing ECUs. Rapid controls prototyping ECUs such as Dana’s OpenECU can be used to develop the controls, but the power requirements for such systems typically exceed the capabilities of an RCP ECU. The S090 Solenoid and Motor Driver engineering development module is designed to be a versatile development tool that bridges the gap between initial “one-off” proof of concepts developed in a laboratory and the product needed for high volume production.

The S090 is designed to drive up to 8 solenoids up to 10A each, 1 40A BLDC motor, 1 40A brushed motor and can be used in any system that uses PWM controlled actuators (valves, solenoids) and/or dc motors (brushed, brushless).

Potential applications include engine and driveline actuators such as VVT, throttle, eCVT and 4WD; fluid pump motors such as coolant, fuel and hydraulic and other solenoid or motor-driven devices used for rapid prototype development of high power electrical systems.

Solenoid and Motor Driver

Visit the S090 product page for more information on this latest addition to the popular OpenECU product range.



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