OpenECU Integration with TargetLink

Jul 09, 2020

Summary OpenECU®, Dana’s product line of off-the-shelf rapid control prototyping ECUs support integration with TargetLink. Users can import TargetLink subsystems into OpenECU Simulink models. Developers and test engineers can evaluate, […]

White Paper on Embedded Controls Development: Model-Based Design and Engineering Solutions Using Dana OpenECU®

Jul 08, 2020

Dana is proud to publish this whitepaper on Model-Based Design and OpenECU written by Arnav Gupta, System Engineer at Dana. Below is the summary of the whitepaper. This whitepaper discusses […]

Motor Control Driver Box for Brushed and Brushless DC Motor

Jul 08, 2020

The M220-XAU is a unique variation of the M220 controller, specifically designed to be the master controller in applications using the S090 as a slave power driver box. This variation […]

Hexagon Studio Uses Dana OpenECU Modules for EV / HEV Supervisory Control

Mar 20, 2020

Overview Hexagon Studio was founded in 2005 with a vision to provide design and engineering services implementing turnkey solutions primarily in the automotive sector. The Hexagon Studio facility has been […]

Comparison of Electronic Control Unit Microcontroller Safety Architectures

Mar 17, 2020

Introduction With the increase in vehicle electrification and autonomy, electronic control units are now subject to rigorous functional safety standards such as ISO 26262.  Functional safety is defined by ISO […]

The Design and Development of a Dana Custom ECU for an Autonomous Vehicle

Nov 19, 2019

Challenge: Dana engaged with a large vehicle OEM to develop a custom ECU to be used on an autonomous vehicle demonstration fleet. All the OEM’s traditional suppliers refused to support […]

Rapid OEM Engine ECU Replacement with Dana’s M670 OpenECU

Aug 12, 2019

Introduction Traditionally, replacing an OEM engine ECU or Engine Control Module (ECM) has almost always been out of the question. OEMs exercise proprietary rights to the hardware and software design […]

How We Create Custom OpenECU Modules to Meet Specific Customer Requirements – Part I: Option Controls

Jan 05, 2019

Written by Mike Lepkowski & Ray Hyder Option controls – Customizing OpenECU hardware for specific system requirements Most systems require specific interfaces between controllers and sensors or actuators. While OpenECU […]

How to Evaluate an ECU for Suitability to My System: Diagnostic Needs

Dec 05, 2018

The difficulty with diagnostics is in the definition. Do the diagnostics report simple wire harness shorts and opens checks? Do the diagnostics report ECU pin function checks and possible intermediate […]