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Newsletter: February 2021

High Availability/High Functional Safety System Diagnostics – Today’s vehicles rely heavily on complex electrical systems to provide advanced features. Although

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Highlight: Bollinger Motors + OpenECU M560

Bollinger Motors, a Detroit-based EV company, is building an all-aluminum, all-wheel drive Class 3 electric truck from the ground up. Bollinger Motors has created a new platform that will support […]

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December 2020 Newsletter

Newsletter: December 2020 – Dana’s OpenECU BMU – Battery Management Master Controller – Combined Battery Management Unit (BMU) Master & High Voltage Circuitry is an OpenECU BMU rapid control prototyping embedded controller for Battery Management System (BMS). It provides…

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PLC Tuning Power-Line Communication (PLC) is used during charging of electric vehicles around the world and is a must-have in today’s electric vehicle (EV) market. PLC allows the charging station […]

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